Sunday, November 30, 2014


 Branding slicks.
 Getting a run at a hill on the feed ground.
 Getting warmed up to pick up a spring rodeo.

 Tied off.
 Standing quiet while waiting for the sleigh to get loaded.
 Getting a bareback horse gathered up.
 Feeding cows.
 Gathering up a bronc.

 Harrowing meadows. (Moose on the far right)
 Tied off doctoring calves.

Moose: 11 year old Percheron/TB gelding. Approx. 17 HH, 1500lb, wears a #4 shoe, we have used Moose as a pick up horse at rodeos in the bares, broncs and bulls. We've hooked him to a sleigh and wagon to feed cows and horses during the winter and hooked him 4 abreast in the spring to harrow meadows. He has been packed and led a pack horse to run a trap line during the seasons. He has been ridden in steep, rough, rocky country and crossed water and ridden through bogs. Ridden mostly as a ranch horse and hooked to a wagon, he can be ridden in different bridles (snaffles, billy allen, bridle bits). Used on the ranch to wrangle horses, brand and doctor cattle (good to tie off on), and has been used to pull a stuck pick up out of the mud. Can be turned out and laid off for long periods of time. Great to rope on fast or slow. Cowy, nice stop, and a ground covering smooth gait.

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